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Tap Extender
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Tap Extender
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Tap Extender
Fig. 3

1. Select the Tap Extender Tube that matches your system.

2. Place the Silicone Seal into the expanded side of the Tap Extender tube approximately 1/4 of an inch.

The Silicone seal is very tight in the tube,  fold the remaining seal flap over the tube as shown in Fig.1.




3. You can hand press the tube onto the tap spout by spinning it clockwise pushing  all the way up.  If you find it difficult to press on, you can use a hand clamp to assist. see Fig.2. 





4. Once placed on the tap body, you can trim the exposed silicone material with a knife or box cutter. see Fig.3.  NOTE: be careful not to press to hard to minimize cutting into the tap body.  You can also leave the exposed silicone.  This is your preference.


Tap Extender
Fig. 4

Cleaning can be completed several times per day at your discretion.  Mandatory cleaning is recommended at the beginning of each business day by filling a container with sanitizer and submerging the tube into the sanitizer as shown in Fig. 4. 
At the beginning of the day it is recommended to wipe the tubes with a cotton cloth to assure no dist or debris collects on the tube.  Cleaning and wiping should be done at the beginning and end of the day.

Tap body cleaning should be maintained monthly.  At that time you can remove the tap Extension tube from the tap body by pulling downward.  It is recommended to use a rubber jar grip pad to grip the tube and twist left and right while pulling down.  DO NOT use a pliers or wrench's as they will destroy the finish of the tube which will make them look undesirable and will void our warranty.  Once removed, wash in hot water or dishwasher just as you would clean the tap bodies.  Reinstalling the tubes you can reuse the existing silicone seal.  If the seal becomes too small you can purchase additional seals on our product page.

"Tap Extenders are designed to last a lifetime if properly maintained and handled "