What are the Benefits?

1. Tap Extender Tubes are designed to adapt to most beer tap systems

2. They are designed to to achieve less than 1% turbulence by assuring a smooth flow from the tap through the tube to
     the container.

3. They REDUCE the amount of WASTE from improper pouring.

4. They REDUCE the amount of WASTE from over pouring.

5. They are easily installable and removable.

6. The food grade Silicon seal assures no air enters where the tube connects to the tap.  This eliminates turbulence or
     excessive head.

7. They are made from the finest metals and are guaranteed for life under normal use and handling.

8. The straight design helps to keep the tube against the side of the container reducing turbulence.

9. They help turbulence reduction by having the tube placed into the beer.

10. They help bar tenders (experienced and non-experienced) pour  more consistently.

11. They are designed to minimize mold growth as there are no spaces where beer can get trapped.

12. They are simple to keep clean.

13. And they are made in the USA!

Now the BIG Question... What about contamination? 
         First: The Tap Extenders are made of 316T grade stainless steel.

      Second: A CLEAN system is a SAFE system.  As long as the beer system is maintained properly there should not be
                  any issues with contamination. All taps should be wiped down at least once at the beginning and end of the
                  day. More is obviously better.  This includes the tap heads and the Tap Extenders.

        Third: Because the system is clean, and there is no cross contamination from one tap to the other, and the Tap
                  Extenders are wiped at least once per day, placing the Tap Extender into the beer will not contaminate the
                  beer unless you are refilling a used glass/cup/container which is a health code violation.

Applications of 316T Stainless Steel:

Some typical applications include:

         Food preparation equipment particularly in chloride environments.

         Medical implants, including pins, screws and orthopedic implants like total hip and knee replacements

         Marine applications


         Architectural applications



If your waste beer goes directly down the drain, it is difficult to know your waste cost.  If you use a portable system it very clear to identify the waste as it goes into a waste container.  If your current waste is in the area of 930 ounces, it is possible the Tap Extender can reduce to less than 116 ounces which is a 87% improvement.  If you are pouring 18 ounce beers, that's a savings of 45 beers per day.

Depending on how much beer your organization pours, the Tap Extender Return on Investment,
(ROI) occurs within a couple of days.

"STOP pouring your profits down the drain"